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Beef Vuna with Khichuri

This is a combo order of one large Plate khichuri and beef vuna incuding a soda ,dessert and our special salad.
Price $14.00.

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  • Vegetables

    SPINACH $4.00
  • Desserts

    Black Current $50.00
    Vanila $45.00
    Strawberry $50.00
  • Snacks

    Simple Cheese Sandwich $50.00
    Grilled Chiken Sandwich $50.00
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Seriously, this is the first and best - out of the box WordPress theme that creates a strategically designed Restaurant website in minutes. - Syed Ahmed
One of my Asian friend brought me here once to have asian food and it made me a habit now.Good Luck Neerob. - Mark Anthony
I live in Long Island and I come here every weekend to taste their food and it is only because of Neerob. - Biswajit
I like to live in Bronx only for Neerob ,nothing else - Hasan Khan
I used to miss indian food and Neerob fulfill that requirement for me. - Sheetal
Neerob is Amazing - Kamrul Ahsan
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